We are socially involved in various projects.

Buddy Bear Help e.V.

„We need to get to know each other better … then we can understand each other better, trust each other more and live together better.“ Since 2002, the United Buddy Bears stand for a peaceful coexistence of people worldwide – regardless of origin, religious or social background.

Die Gemüseackerdemie

A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is important for our bodies to be healthy and efficient. But most children and young people today eat far fewer fruits and vegetables than experts recommend. This project aims to change that.

Children’s Village Amani Orphan’s Home

Iringa in southern Tanzania is a region that is one of the hardest hit by AIDS in the country, with prevalence rates of up to 20 percent. Since 2007, the children’s village AOHM has been established here according to the principle of helping people to help themselves, a project that is very close to our hearts.

Berlin Homeless Aid

Time and again, people freeze to death on the streets of Berlin during the winter months. Unfortunately, a decrease in the number of homeless people is not in sight. On the contrary – every year more people live on the streets. This is where the work of Berlin’s homeless aid organization comes in, which we support.