As a company, we have a responsibility to our customers, partners, employees, our families and our environment – to all those who are touched by our work. As human beings, we also feel it is our duty to do what we can to make the world a better place.

We plant trees

Even if it sounds like green romanticism, the fact is: every healthy tree is a climate protector! No human invention so far comes close to the ability of a tree to reduce carbon dioxide. That’s why Inolares plants 100 trees with every new project, either with a spade if it’s supposed to be particularly romantic, or online at the click of a mouse because it’s so easy.

Eco business equipment

Inolares considers it a matter of course to handle paper consciously and to use it responsibly. We also attach great importance to ensuring that our business paper is produced in accordance with ecological and social standards. The FSC label of the Forest Stewardship Council, which also certifies our pencils, stands for this. Our ballpoint pens are made from recycled CD cases.

Green electricity

Inolares purchases green electricity from naturstrom. This energy company feeds its electricity into the grid exclusively and 100 percent from renewable energy sources. naturstrom has consciously decided against purchasing electricity from those producers who operate coal or nuclear power plants in addition to wind or hydroelectric power plants. We want to support this and thus make our contribution to environmental protection as a company.

CO2 neutral shipping

Every letter, every package consumes resources. For example, fuel is needed for transport by vehicle, freighter or plane, and electricity for freight trains or distribution centers. For this reason, we send our business mail with DHL GoGreen. The additional postage fees collected are donated to climate protection projects in China, India, Nicaragua, Brazil and Turkey.

CO2 neutral website

Providing our website on a server as well as every single page view consume electricity and thus cause carbon dioxide emissions. To compensate for this, Inolares participates in the international support program „C02 neutral website“. Thus, we support various climate projects, including, for example, projects that build renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. You can find our certificate here.

We are committed
not only ecologically,
but also socially