The first fire case matrix with digital active principle testing

With intelligent technologies, we help you respond to the increasing demands from the construction industry. Our InoMatrix accompanies you as a fire case matrix in all essential analyses for on-site performance.

Live eventuality

Thanks to digital testing, you can find out in real time whether the components of your equipment are working as they should. This gives you a full status report on the entire system.

Legally secure

Our fire matrix was designed on the basis of the Model Testing Ordinance (MPrüfVO) and the VDI 6010 series of guidelines. This ensures legal certainty at all times.

Detailed reporting

Each recorded test is stored in your administration in the form of documentation and reports. In this way, the data of each new test is optimally visible in real time.

Extensive functions for every construction and planning phase

To accelerate your TGA, the features of our InoMatrix become a crystal-clear advantage for you. Thanks to our automated active-principle check, you can take a holistic look at your systems in the shortest possible time and benefit from the desired relevance. In this way, you also don’t have to worry about technical risks, but retain full control at all times. Not only individual aspects, but the entire efficiency and effectiveness of your system is thus precisely checked. This noticeably relieves you during each new construction and planning phase.

Safety at the highest level – with detailed reports within seconds

Hardly any other topic is as important and present in today’s world as fire protection. For this reason, with our fire matrix, we offer a completely new system for rethinking the inspection of safety-relevant systems. With our effective-principle testing, we make fire protection as simple and efficient as possible, while at the same time providing access to up-to-date and comprehensive evaluations at any time. Even without tests lasting several days and carried out manually, you thus rely on the necessary safety for smooth commissioning.

Maximum transparency – by taking a look at our modern dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard shows you at first glance how well your fire protection systems are already working. This makes TGA implementation even easier in day-to-day operations and lets you maintain control around your safety-relevant systems. In addition, the clear and concise visual appearance of our InoMatrix gives you an overview of every important area. This makes every test even more efficient and precise with the help of our fire case matrix.