Our Hospitality Box – digital convenience in every hotel room

With our Hospitality Box, you turn every hotel room into a place of value creation. Around our building equipment, we help you expand comfort and increase digital potential.

Maximum service in digital dimension
for maximum satisfaction

Digital door handle

Our digital doorbell allows to guarantee good service despite high privacy.

Digitaler service call

The digital service call function provides real comfort and relieves each of your guests.

Digital doorhanger

Using the digital DND function, you replace the service tag directly on the door handle.

Simple digitization with great effect

To benefit from our Hospitality Box yourself, you don’t need any technical details. A browser-enabled terminal device and access to the network are all that is needed to use the entire world of functions. The complete configuration is based on only four simple steps, whereby the complete access is not long in coming. Directly after that, you have the possibility to adjust all comfort technologies according to your wishes and to retrieve important information. This makes our Hospitality Box a fully-fledged building equipment.

Seamless integration into any existing building

With just a few simple steps, the Hospitality Box is part of your hotel room. We are happy to supply you with the ready-to-connect cables right from the start to make the setup even easier for you. Immediately after integration, the box is fully operational as the basis of your building equipment and will be an enrichment for you as well as for your guests. To do this, connect the system directly to your building management system and benefit from smooth use.

Boundless compatibility

To give you the freedom you want, our Hospitality Box takes into account all current standards for technical room equipment. This way, you benefit from quick and easy integration and always drive data-oriented management in a system-open manner.